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Human Billboard Walking Billboards – with LED scrolling


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Product Description

Advertising as generating mechanism cultural habits, social images, proposes new types of relationships in which the plant does not pass through the consumption of goods but mainly by the consumption of signs.
In this technologically developed society with its demand for immediate understanding, signs and symbols are very effective to produce one quick answer. His strict attention to the main visual elements and its structural simplicity, provide facility of perception and memory.
To do this, WALKING BILLBOARDS are very necessary.

Many business owners think that advertising is like going to the dentist: something you just need to do every six months. But when the advertising is continuing and focused, the business become easier. If potential customers have a positive view of their products and their reputation before you call them or before they start to buy, you have a much better chance of closing a sale.
Also new for ongoing advertising is that it is not tied to a price tag. It is only to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Selling Units: Single item
Single package size: 120X60X4 CM
Single gross weight: 22.0 KG

The Walking Boards are new media for outdoor advertising! It’s Sample, Convenient, Mobile, Economic.

The Walking Boards are brought up to date by introducing a new design concept and internal LED illuminated backlighting.

The Walking Boards can move to anywhere as your men want to go!!!
Walking mobile billboard, internal LED illuminated backlighting – up to 8 hours of Battery Life

Product include backpack strap, rechargeable battery, charger, carry bag


How long does the LED display stay lit?

The average time a battery will last approximately 8 hours. Of course it’s not necessary to run the lights during the daytime hours.

Which material should the media be printed on?

The media should be printed on back-lit film so that the light from the LED’s will shine through the media. Most local printers should be able to print on this material, however if you can’t find someone in your area we are happy to recommend an online printer.

What does the Walking Billboards weigh?

The Walking Billboards weighs a total of 16 lbs. Because it’s worn like a backpack it’s very comfortable and easy to wear.

How much does a Walking Billboards cost?

Depending on which Walking Billboards you buy. Our standard unit is $299.99 and the scrolling text unit is $399.99 plus shipping.

Is there any type of warranty?

Yes. The Walking Billboards comes with a 6 month limited warranty which covers the batteries and LED lights. We also stock parts, however due to the simplicity of the design there isn’t really anything that can cause an issue.

Design Services

Walking Billboards can design your billboards’ changeable posters.
We charge $75.00 per design with up to 2 revisions.
Please use our contact form below.
Free graphic design consultation via telephone.

Printing Services

Walking Billboards can print your posters on high quality back-lit film.
PDF or vector file required. 300 DPI images required.
Fast turnaround
Free graphic design consultation via telephone.



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